Monday, 16 November 2009

Please Take Me Home To Mummy

The nightmare woke her from the dream
Of the stranger with a sickly smile,
His haunting face and soft spoken words
All she wants is Mummy!

She had been playing in the sun kissed corn
When snatched from under daddy’s’ eyes.
Screams that no-one else could hear
“Please take me back to Mummy”

Don’t want to do the things he asks
I know that it’s not right.
His frightening eyes and strong hard hands
“Please take me home to Mummy.

Tears that flow, but all in vain
He doesn’t want to hear the cries
His evil mind and sad twisted heart
That took her from her Mummy

He covers his ears with his murderous hands
To shelter from the screams.
Inside his head the child still lives
With a picture of her Mummy.

Silent, still, stiff and cold
A tiny bundle of tattered clothes
Discovered in an unknown ditch
And never again to see Mummy.

Worse than beasts, lower than low
The doctors treat his …‘illness’
But they cannot bring a young life back
They can’t give her back to Mummy!

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