Sunday, 21 February 2010

The City

Risen from the ashes of Hitler’s War,
Proud to hold its head up high,
Reduced to rubble by an uncaring council
And a city is left to die.

A transport system that chokes the life
From the once vibrant heart of the city,
Dinosaur buses belch out black smoke,
While the Bus Station is stagnant & empty

No sense of direction – history’s demolished,
Plastic modernity built in place;
One hospital left buried in cars,
While others are sold off for cash.

No council homes, no public loos;
Departments are all over budget.
Borrow from Peter to pay back Paul,
It’ll work right if you fudge it!

Oh how the might have fallen,
How pride can turn to despair.
Heritage crumbles on litter strewn streets;
And no-one seems to care.


Friday, 19 February 2010

The Bishop

Mitered Bishop with his crozier held high
Waves his hand in mock goodbye.
The bells peel out; the choir all sing,
Priest stoops to kiss the sacred ring.
Purple,scarlet robes of glory,
If only the vestments could tell a story
Congregation mumble a forgotten hymn
And hide the truth from deep within.

Distrust and envy, disgust and hate!
Critiscm that cannot wait.
Ignore the bible s' written word,
A family life that seems absurd.
Darkness fills where light once shon,
Empty churches, prayers all gone.
Modern thinking says that it’s okay
'God doesn't mind if the Bishops gay'


Friday, 5 February 2010

Moral Compass

Has our chance of World Cup glory gone
'Cos Terry can't keep his trousers on?
Is it a symptom of our state,
To shag the girlfriend of a mate?

Is parliament in disrepute
'Cos politicians have been too cute?
MPs that just don't give a damn
Then throw their dummy's out the pram!

Are we just being fed a load of bull
While bankers keep their pockets full?
Taxpayers funds for their own ends
Driving round in Mercedes Benz.

Fantasy & fabrication
Statistics lie to all the nation
Morality & honest graft
Replaced by smear & guile & craft

Has Englands' sense of fair play gone
Is the moral compass not switched on?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Little Grey Men

The little grey men look down on you,
                                                      Faceless and shameless but one of the few…….
                                          A little grey man with lies in his hands
                                          He cannot explain, and we don’t understand
                                          Why fat cats get fatter, while the thin ones just die;
                                          This little grey man in his old school tie.

                                           The Chameleon looks on with a smile on his face
                                                             He’s eloquently able to put over his case.
                                           He’s learning his tricks from the little grey man,
                                           How to drive a Mercedes and call it a van!

                                           The little grey man (a friend of the banks)
                                           Plucks company directors from out of their ranks.
                                           “Lets’ tax the grannies, the sick and the poor”
                                           “No !” says chameleon. “That’s what we’re here for.”

                                            Let’s kill the world for the sake of a dime
                                            Profit and money!......; to fail is  a crime!
                                            Lets worship the dollar, the pound and the yen,..
                                            …Pollution means nothing to little grey men.

                                            The little grey men all from the same cut
                                            Made in the factories that they’ve now shut……………..
                                              .....................  The little grey man has more colour now
                                                         Chameleon it seems has shown him how
                                                                     to move with the times and change with the scene
                                                         Blue…? Red…? Or Orange…?
                                                         But not grey……………..or GREEN!!!