Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Brave New World

The brave new world of Tony Blair
Jobless, homeless everywhere
The N.H.S. is in such a state,
if you want to die, you’ll have to wait.
Not enough police out on the street,
Crime figures are down though, now there’s a feat!
Unemployment’s down but factories still close,
When the PM speaks just watch his nose,
Pinocchio Blair with his Cabinet of wood
He’d be the President if he could
There’s Jack Straw the Home man
Always ready to take the can.
We’ve got John Prescott and his two Jags,
And Gordon Brown to tax the fags.
David Plunkett, a rising star,
Estelle Morris she’ could go far!
New Labour with its old ideas
New sound bites with the same old fears
The brave new world of Tony Blair
And half the nation doesn’t care!!


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