Thursday, 26 November 2009

The News (with apologies to George Orwell)

The little clouds stared from the blanket of sky
then broke down and wept at the news
The sun turned its back on that side of the world
just to show where its sentiments lay.
The moon frowned from its night crested ceiling
on the river of invading battalions
And 'Big Brother ‘is watching too!

The tanks rolled through the subservient streets,
then lined up for show in the square
The world listened with both hands tied
as Hiroshima hung over her head.
CCTV records what it wants to see
whilst Microsoft enhances the image
And 'Big Brother' is watching too!

The poster hangs on the walls of a city
in the novelists’ fictitious world.
The meaning is hidden, but all the more true
in the headline we heard on the news:
The big corporations that bend like the wind,
to the man with the world in his hands
Bill Gates is watching YOU!


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