Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Forty Five Minutes

Do you remember when we went off to war ?
We were told all the reasons and what it was for.
That government dossier nicked from the net
It was 'sexed-up' by a man called…..oh I forget
Well it turns out it was all just a simple mistake,
There were no conspiracy, or spies trying to fake.
It was just some Health papers dropped on the floor
And picked up in error at the ministry of War......

I've seen the original and what it actually said,
Was that in 45 minutes you should get a bed
In a N.H.S. hospital, awaiting your op.
But they dropped that proposal - the men at the top!
Because too many people kept getting ill,
(They're changing the law now, making a bill)
To stop us developing serious disease,
And make all the patients go overseas.
Well, there's plenty of room in hospitals abroad
Their patients are over here. They can afford
The nurses and doctors that we trained so well
A free National Health?
.....Now that that rings a bell!

1 comment:

The Duner said...

This speaks volumes -
In todays NT Times there is an article about a poor family her in the USA with no health care and the husdand has a curable illness but need an operation -
The emergency room he goes to told him to stop coming for pain treatment -
One the next page we just approbes 1.2 billion to hand out in cash bribes in Afghani-nam .