Monday, 23 November 2009

History Will Remember

You can take them to the border line
And lead them by the hand,
You can take them across the water,
But they still won’t understand
the reason for the outcry.
Do they ever listen ?
Do they even care?
When will they remember who put them where they are?

Twist statistics on the blackboard
Meaningless figures are despatched.
As we stand by in silence
Another plan is hatched
to bring them all more glory
A place in history’s’
Ever changing book
Which only winners get to write!

What care they if thousands lose their lives
What care the men on high?
The Generals never have to fight
Just smile sweetly when they lie
and never answer questions
As to when or how and why,
the cannon fodder was destroyed
By ever so‘friendly’ fire.

‘My enemy’s enemy is my friend’
They strive to help his cause.
World peace at stake, or so they say
It’s a ‘moral’ use of force.
After all we’ve done to save the world
Ungrateful ‘infidels’
We need this war to feed the dream
And Hollywood needs more scripts.


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