Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown won't let you down,
Shrewd fiscal brain,financial drain;
Big Bank Bail-out'
Euro Cop-out
Services cut,hospitals shut.
"We'll half the deficit" he said,
(However says that satire's dead)

Gordon Brown won't let you drown
In fiscal stew-not me and you!
Politically astute, financially cute:
Markets crashed, shares slashed
World recession, Uk depression.
"It's not our fault,it's a world wide thing"
(Same old record with a familiar ring)

Gordon Brown won't let you down,
Taxes high, pensioners die,
Troops with no tools,
Parliament of fools.
Expenses row, I don't know how
He ever won an election
(Oh yes-of course, he didn't!)


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