Wednesday, 15 August 2007

It Aint Half Cold Mum

Enclaves, ghettos a little piece of home,
The factorys, gone and a Mosque appears
Don’t discuss immigration – it’s not allowed
It’s racist to mention your fears.

The crown of the Great British Empire
Invites all her friends to stay,
Language isn’t a barrier,
But don’t forget to pray.

Bring all your problems with you
We haven’t got enough of our own,
Crack cocaine, yardies and murder
We want you to feel at home.

Mother is wounded, bleeding to death
Cut by a thousand swords,
Clothes tattered and torn, beauty despoiled,
Raped by the swarming hordes.

Seek the Asylum. Political or Lunatic?
The streets are all paved with gold
Slip from the truck at the motorway services
“By golly it ain’t half cold!”


Where's My Flag Gone ?

When first there came democracy
there was no voice for you and me.
That started with a man called Kier:
We’ll keep the red flag flying here !!

World war Two brought victory,
and a welfare state to look after me
Comrades do not shed a tear,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here!!

Money pouring down the drain
Earned by worker hand and brain
Tories rule with cheats and lies:
We’ll cut that red flag down to size.

When Tony Blair cut out clause four
the Tories cheered ….. then shouted More!
The soft new face of labours here:
We’ll keep a pink flag flying here.

"How can I win the middle classes
and dump the workers on their asses.
Block the road to Wigan Pier:
But keep the pink flag flying, Dear

The workers voice is never heard,
Spin doctors checking every word.
Don't rock the boat, don't shout or fight,
And keep that damn flag out of sight.

A red rose with its petals torn
Be careful of its pointed thorns
Waste money while the sick lie dying:
We’ll keep the Euro banner flying.

HS2 & runways we don’t need
While people starve that we don’t feed
Jeremy's here to save the day?.
.....What do we want a flag for anyway ???


I Have A Dream

When I come power I will ban
The morons who drive those white vans
That cut you up and get in your lane
And drive as if they have no brain

I’ll make garages go back to selling only fuel
And send all the students back to school
Instead of holding up queues, and being rude,
Just for some milk and a tin of cat food.

People who pretend to be on a mobile phone,
Walkmans that play that incessant drone,
Cars displaying fog lamps when it’s as clear as day,
Women with push chairs that get in your way!

Traffic Wardens and the jobs worth brigade,
Waiting for food when you’ve already paid,
Delivery men who don’t show when they should
Shop assistants, who wont help when they could.

Radio One with its dance garage rap!
TV soaps and all of that crap.
Little dogs snapping at ankles and knees,
Bankers and lawyers with exorbitant fees.

Politicians who lie without moving their lips,
Haddock in greasy batter with soggy chips.
Mothers who just let their babies scream out
Political correctness - I have no doubt!

Automatic switchboards that bypass reception,
Door to door salesmen using deception,
Jehovah and his witnesses selling ‘Watchtower’
I’ll ban all of things when I come to power!!



While ‘Daddy’ talks to plants and reeds,
Harry prefers to smoke the weed.
Found ganga stashed beneath his bunk,
He’s down the local getting drunk.
It’s enough to make anyone turn to booze ,
When you’re greeted with such news:
To know your next step mom could be Camilla
(Held together with grout and filler)
and your brother is heir to the British throne,
Your grandparents should be in a home.
Poor Prince Harry, it is quite sad
To know your father’s barking mad!


Please Take Me Home To Mummy

The nightmare woke her from the dream
Of the stranger with a sickly smile,
His haunting face and soft spoken words
All she wants is Mummy!

She had been playing in the sun kissed corn
When snatched from under daddy’s’ eyes.
Screams that no-one else could hear
“Please take me back to Mummy”

Don’t want to do the things he asks
I know that it’s not right.
His frightening eyes and strong hard hands
“Please take me home to Mummy.

Tears that flow, but all in vain
He doesn’t want to hear the cries
His evil mind and sad twisted heart
That took her from her Mummy

He covers his ears with his murderous hands
To shelter from the screams.
Inside his head the child still lives
With a picture of her Mummy.

Silent, still, stiff and cold
A tiny bundle of tattered clothes
Discovered in an unknown ditch
And never again to see Mummy.

Worse than beasts, lower than low
The doctors treat his …‘illness’
But they cannot bring a young life back
They can’t give her back to Mummy!