Friday, 22 January 2010

The Ebbing Tide of Surf

While the tears gushed loudly
like a waterfall of laughter,
He thought of the promises
broken and smashed,
and the girl with the garland thread
in her hair was smiling.

The rain will sing you a song
while the sun sleeps in its shell.
The pavement stones
are painted like some mosaic dream,
and the girl with the rainbow
smile was standing alone.

The glasses clink to symbolise
the end of another phase,
a week end web unwinding,
while work stands still,
and the girl with the crystal
cut eyes was laughing.

While the grandfather's neon face
approached the midnight quarter,
the white cloaked figure crept
from the shadows of revelry
and the girl with the ribbon
in her hair had gone


Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Child

Cruel, cruel world,
ugly and cold.
The child crouches in her cot.
Wild, wild eyes
Silent and still.
The girl the world had forgot.

Black, black night,
Stark and silent.
Freedom lies within the mind.
Bright, bright day,
Sunny but wet.
And a peace that no-one can find.

Cold, cold stare,
Bitter but sweet.
Confusion reigns supreme.
Sad, sad life
Alone, unloved.
But not within her dreams


Sunday, 3 January 2010

The PM's P.M.

The year is now two thousand ten
The Pms PM is back again
Artful wordsmith plans his move
Gets Gordon Brown into the groove

First lord of this & Lord of that
More titles than fit on his hat
Is he the power behind the throne
Or just another Labour crone ?

Its time he went back to Euroland
His friends can give a helping hand
Perhaps into media, radio or TV
His talents are endless,I’m sure you’ll agree
Acting could be his Jewel in the Crown
Or Boys from the Blackstuff.....
...(or should that be brown ?)


Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 A new decade?

Under the shadow of Big Ben at the dawn of twenty Ten;
Gordon back inside his den? Man Utd to win league again ?
All this money ,wealth & skill; creditors circling for the kill
If the banks don’t wreck us the icecaps will

What lies ahead, what fortunes hail .Labour or Tory both seem stale
New decade new start, new hope :More episodes of the UK soap.
Will anything really change at all ? Capitalism heading for a fall?
The poor still die while the rich have a ball

Under the shadow of Big Ben at the dawn of twenty Ten
More Mps to flaunt their wealth? Country suffers poorer health ?
Soldiers die in Afghanistan; trouble brewing in Iran
What else can the govenment find to ban ?

More abuse of human rights? Israel starts another fight?
Camera watch from every wall, Big Brother monitors every call
Climate watch ,G-Twenty two What difference will it make to you?
Is the future red or Blue?
(or perhaps even a hint of Orange?)