Sunday, 25 October 2009

Bring Them Home !

Desperate hope; starvation near
Hearts and minds all filled with fear
Children edging nearer death,
Mothers sighing their last breath.
Sandstorms blinding frightened eyes,
Missiles deafening babies cries.
Onward ever into war,
Never ending - What's it for ?
Why are we here ?
Because they sent us!
O Jesus; - make it stop!

I don't want to be alone
Only the enemy to hear my groans
I would have liked to reach nineteen
And not looked out at such a scene:
Desert, rocks - abominations,
White flag waving for salvation.
Her young face so pure and innocent,
Her gun so vicious , bullets sent.
Why did so shoot ?
Because they sent her!
Sweet Jesus; - make it stop!

Pain so intense it hurts to cry,
Never even got to say goodbye.
Friends and family wait in sorrow,
TV news they watch in horror
An unknown corpse, that lies forlorn
Still waiting for the next new dawn.
Please god, hear my hollow screams,
The end of adolescent dreams
Why here? - Why now?
Because they sent us!
Please Jesus; - make it stop!


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