Sunday, 25 October 2009

I Hate Cherries!?

If Life is just a bowl of cherries,
then why do keep getting all the stones ?
No tasty fruit,no smiles and laughter,
Just grumbles,grunts and groans.

At the bank or supermarket checkout
Always at the end of the queue
And why does the cashier close for lunch?
Just before she gets to you!

Traffics jams when you're already late,
Contra flows and miles of cones,
Red lights that conspire against me
Why do I always get the stones

Automatic switchboards talking back to me
Press "1" to hear my groans
Poor customer service and slow 'fast food'
Why do I always get the stones

Light bulbs that blow after only a day
Window shoppers that get in your way,
If something can wrong it always will
All part of lifes bitter sweet pill
If Life is really a bowl of cherries,
Can I have an apple please?

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