Sunday, 25 October 2009

Curying Favour

Major disaster,-‘Back to basics’
Do you like chips with your Curry?
Family values from good ‘honest John’
But now he’s really in the slurry.

A sad sorry tale of deceit and lies
(And the press is like dog with a bone)
She warned us all about the eggs
But forgot about her own.

Secret liaisons with a little grey man.
Clandestine meetings after dark.
‘The House is sitting late tonight’.
Just another chance remark?

Sack Mellors just for being Chelsea fan.
And performing far better than the team.
Let us all preserve the family image.
To keep hold of the conservative dream.

Chicken Curry or perhaps it should be beef
Was she the minister for Home ‘Affairs’?
It fills column inches and the tv news
But no-one really cares.

A whore sells her body for cash on the street
Not in Smiths or Waterstones
Please sell some books then go away
We’re sick of all your moans!


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