Friday, 4 December 2009

Secret World

silence all around,
This ‘Secret World’ we never find.
Auras, lights and rainbow sounds
Pervading unassuming minds.

If only I could get inside
That cloud of incandescent glow,
An open door to suicide
That only some of us will know.

The druid dreamer wears no smile,
As Gabriel with his scissors bright,
Cuts the cord, and in awhile
Blackness gives away to light.

Floats above his body’s wake
Unseen by all below;
Watches whilst his corpse they take,
And the energy begins to flow.

Angels guide the soul to rest,
Ever onward into light.
Unseen by grieving relatives
Just a loved one ghostly white.

You mourn for me, I hear your cries]
Forget me not, but please don’t weep
For I am not where my body lies
The ‘Secret World’ is where I sleep


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