Thursday, 17 December 2009

It’s All My Fault !!


Aches so much and the bruises show,
Fell downstairs again?
The nurses won’t believe it this time
But they never know the reason.
It’s all my fault, you see,
Instead of going shopping,
I should have made him tea.

It’s worse this time, I feel it more,
I think my arm is broken.
But I bring it on myself
I know how much he loves me,
And he doesn’t mean to cause me hurt
But instead of cleaning up the house
I should have ironed his shirt.

The pressure he has to take at work
Must weigh so heavily on his shoulders;
I should try and stop the baby crying,
He needs the rest and silence.
It’s all my fault I know, so far
Instead of changing baby John
I should have cleaned his car.

I know I shouldn’t have screamed so loud
When his fist thumped my face,
What if the neighbours had heard?
They know he’s so gentle and kind.
It’s all my fault – just like he said
But if I take one more beating
I’m sure I’ll end up dead.


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