Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dreams of A Harlequin Sundown

Bloodshot horizons of border town chaos,
Harlequin sundown on cellophane walls
Typewritten headlines in newspaper skies’
Skeleton cities of dust-ridden streets.
Transparent windows of stained glass dreams
     Pictures of heaven merging with hell.

Pendulum clocks on polished wood shelves
Candle stick trinkets on melted wax graves;
Brown speckled doves of virgin white stock
Dew-filled tomorrows lost in today;
Night spattered screams of terrified children
      Pictures of Jesus hurling grenades.

Smiling generals and yesterdays victories
Sapphire rings and a loves broken heart.
Masked politicians asking no questions’
Hordes of their victims telling no lies;
Bushes of jungle burning with fire
       Pictures of God with a match in his hand.


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