Monday, 7 December 2009

Saturday Night

A mouse that tames the mighty beast
sore eyes find their subtle feast
on bouncing flesh displayed for them
Silk satin legs parade the walk,
smiles and laughter..(womens talk!)
Alcohol, dull senses sigh
stocking tops and a glimpse of thigh.

Too young to vote but not for love
(that dress fits her just like a glove)
Its puzzling wonder she got it on!
Yawning eyes on socket stems,
Silhouette heels and rising hems
Lashes,lipstick and perfumes scent,
I wonder where childhood went?

So small a thing that furry mouse,
sweet within its little house
the mother waits her daughters coming.
But hark I hear the morning dawn,
The currys' multi-coloured yawn
Hair dishevelled, clothes are torn,
And yet another suckers born.


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