Sunday, 21 February 2010

The City

Risen from the ashes of Hitler’s War,
Proud to hold its head up high,
Reduced to rubble by an uncaring council
And a city is left to die.

A transport system that chokes the life
From the once vibrant heart of the city,
Dinosaur buses belch out black smoke,
While the Bus Station is stagnant & empty

No sense of direction – history’s demolished,
Plastic modernity built in place;
One hospital left buried in cars,
While others are sold off for cash.

No council homes, no public loos;
Departments are all over budget.
Borrow from Peter to pay back Paul,
It’ll work right if you fudge it!

Oh how the might have fallen,
How pride can turn to despair.
Heritage crumbles on litter strewn streets;
And no-one seems to care.


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