Friday, 19 February 2010

The Bishop

Mitered Bishop with his crozier held high
Waves his hand in mock goodbye.
The bells peel out; the choir all sing,
Priest stoops to kiss the sacred ring.
Purple,scarlet robes of glory,
If only the vestments could tell a story
Congregation mumble a forgotten hymn
And hide the truth from deep within.

Distrust and envy, disgust and hate!
Critiscm that cannot wait.
Ignore the bible s' written word,
A family life that seems absurd.
Darkness fills where light once shon,
Empty churches, prayers all gone.
Modern thinking says that it’s okay
'God doesn't mind if the Bishops gay'



Eleanor Edwards said...

Hi Phil,
After all your kind support over on Twitter, I thought it was about time I check out your blog. This poem sums up for me all that is wrong with organised religion in this country. I'm a Christian. I love Jesus. But I hate the way 'the church' has become so tangled up in scandel and judgement when it should be representing Jesus' love to a sad world.


Rosewing said...

Thanks for the comment I agree entirely The church does itself no favours A man who perhaps never goes to church but has God in his heart is every much a Christian,probably more so,than some the regular church goers