Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Where's My Flag Gone ?

When first there came democracy
there was no voice for you and me.
That started with a man called Kier:
We’ll keep the red flag flying here !!

World war Two brought victory,
and a welfare state to look after me
Comrades do not shed a tear,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here!!

Money pouring down the drain
Earned by worker hand and brain
Tories rule with cheats and lies:
We’ll cut that red flag down to size.

When Tony Blair cut out clause four
the Tories cheered ….. then shouted More!
The soft new face of labours here:
We’ll keep a pink flag flying here.

"How can I win the middle classes
and dump the workers on their asses.
Block the road to Wigan Pier:
But keep the pink flag flying, Dear

The workers voice is never heard,
Spin doctors checking every word.
Don't rock the boat, don't shout or fight,
And keep that damn flag out of sight.

A red rose with its petals torn
Be careful of its pointed thorns
Waste money while the sick lie dying:
We’ll keep the Euro banner flying.

HS2 & runways we don’t need
While people starve that we don’t feed
Jeremy's here to save the day?.
.....What do we want a flag for anyway ???


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