Wednesday, 15 August 2007

I Have A Dream

When I come power I will ban
The morons who drive those white vans
That cut you up and get in your lane
And drive as if they have no brain

I’ll make garages go back to selling only fuel
And send all the students back to school
Instead of holding up queues, and being rude,
Just for some milk and a tin of cat food.

People who pretend to be on a mobile phone,
Walkmans that play that incessant drone,
Cars displaying fog lamps when it’s as clear as day,
Women with push chairs that get in your way!

Traffic Wardens and the jobs worth brigade,
Waiting for food when you’ve already paid,
Delivery men who don’t show when they should
Shop assistants, who wont help when they could.

Radio One with its dance garage rap!
TV soaps and all of that crap.
Little dogs snapping at ankles and knees,
Bankers and lawyers with exorbitant fees.

Politicians who lie without moving their lips,
Haddock in greasy batter with soggy chips.
Mothers who just let their babies scream out
Political correctness - I have no doubt!

Automatic switchboards that bypass reception,
Door to door salesmen using deception,
Jehovah and his witnesses selling ‘Watchtower’
I’ll ban all of things when I come to power!!


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