Tuesday, 28 September 2010

King & Queens

(An old aide memoir from my school-days finally put down on paper)

Willie, Willie, Henry John,
Stephen, Henry, Richard One
Henry, Edward One Two Three,
Richard the second & Henry One V
York and Lancaster go to war,
Henry deposed by Edward Four.
Edward Five was never crowned,
Richard the Third was murdered found.
Henry, Henry he put his wives to death,
Edward, Mary, Elizabeth,
James then Charles who lost his head,
(Olivier Cromwell ruled instead)
And when the civil War was through
Came Charles the second and JamieTwo.
William and Mary of the orange clan
Quickly followed by good Queen Anne.
Georges One Two Three and Four
William and Victorior
Edward, George and Edward Eight
Then George the Sixth ‘cos he abdicates.


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