Saturday, 17 April 2010

Leaders Debate

'Leaders spout in rehearsed debate,
Volcanic ash seals travellers fate.
Performed so bad he's on the floor
Supporters said he won the score.

"I agree with Nick" he says aloud
Acquiescing to the crowd.
Smiles & handshakes hide the fear,
"We might have to work with this guy here

Can't upset the Liberal man,
(But I don't agree with his Trident ban )"
Might need to form a coalition
Furthering political ambition.

Mps expenses all forgotten?
Parliament all but rotten
Vote for change, vote for me
"The future won't be pain free"

Taxes up & jobs cut again
Does it matter who's gets in number ten?
"I'm working class, Honest Guv!"
I'm voting for None of the Above!

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